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Part one of three of the Tour de Foothills and GMR Challenge

Saturday was the first of two 72 mile “pre-rides” ahead of the Tour de Foothills century in November. I went into this ride somewhat apprehensive as I was unable to finish this ride last November. The GMR climb did me in and I finished dead-last on the timing part of the ride. I abandoned at […]

Ventura Marathon Century

This ride was a study in contrasts. It started cold, the middle was HOT and finished wonderfully cool. This was a companion ride to the Ventura Marathon was the day before and started at the Ventura pier wound it’s way inland to Ojai, Santa Paula, looped around Moorpark and back to Ventura and beach. At […]

Tour de Big Bear

When you do rides like the Tour de Big Bear don’t forget to stop and look around, enjoy where you are. I, for the most part, didn’t do that on this ride. I got to Big Bear on Friday afternoon around 2PM. I wanted to get there early to acclimate to the altitude and to […]

Stoked for a ride

It’s funny how excited I can still get for an organized ride. I am riding the Tour de Big Bear tomorrow and I have been getting increasingly excited about it for over a week. I when I try to think of it objectively it seems a bit silly. I am going to be suffering, pushing […]

Gravity only rides

A group from my office recently went on a day trip to Big Bear’s Snow Summit to ride the lift and let gravity do the work for a day of riding. It had been a few years since I had ridden in Big Bear, but it will be more often now. I think I had […]

The fit . . .

I am a firm believer in bike fit. If you ride often and or long, an hour or more, then you should REALLY get fitted to your bike. If you are buying a bike make sure you get the right frame size, but that is only a small part of bike fit. After you have […]

If it’s not one thing, it’s another . . .

I’ve now gone on three rides in a row without a flat! (knock, knock on wood) It must have beent the defective tire causing the punctures. And now moving on to the latest issue. A few months ago I noticed some extra ‘pain in the ass’ on rides. After some investigation and some ‘Googling’ I […]

It turns out it was the tire

So, I finally took my wheel into the shop to see if they could figure out why I had 4 flats in 2 rides. Turns out there was a blemish in the rear tire sidewall. No idea how I missed it, but I did. I was up for just replacing the tire, but they don’t […]

Why I’ll always ask

If you have been reading you’ll know I recently bought new wheels to replace the HED’s I’ve had since I bought my Cervelo. I took my first ride with the Ksyrium‘s on the club (PAA) ride on Saturday. The first thing I noticed was the way these handled bumps. They were much smoother and sounded […]

The mystery of the creaking . . .

So, During the Ojai Valley Century I began noticing a noise while riding my Cervelo. It sounded like it was in the bottom bracket, but I wasn’t sure. But it sounded kinda like a loose ball bearing rolling around in the area of the bottom bracket. So as soon as I was able I took […]