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Ojai Valley Century

It was good and, at the end it was HOT!. Fortunately though it was only the last 10 miles or so that really sucked the energy out of you on the final climb of the day. The rest of the ride was cool enough for me to keep my arm warmers on until the inland […]

Mt. Wilson, the road version

After a pretty light Sunday I figured I needed a little more intense ride in prep for this weekend’s Ojai Valley Century. I didn’t feel up to the massive GMR-GRR-Mt Baldy ride so I went for Mt Wilson. I felt as strong on this ride as I have ever felt. Much of the ride in […]

Nice Sunday ride

We had a small group ride with a few people I work with. This was originally meant to climb Mandeville Fire Rd, but since none of knew how to get from the parking area to the fire road we decided to just do an up and back in Sullivan Canyon. It turned out to be […]

Long weekend start with club ride

I didn’t ride much this week ahead of the weekend. OK I didn’t ride at all this week, but followed it up with three pretty tough days over the long weekend. This was my second club ride and my first as a member. It was basically the same as the week before with a little […]

Mt. Wilson

Kinda a ‘recovery’ ride from yesterday. If an 18 mile, 4500 foot climb can be a recovery ride. I didn’t push and stopped a lot.

First club ride

Today I joined a cycling club. But first I rode a club ride, well mostly a club ride. It wasn’t exclusive to club members but many of the riders were in the club. I have been thinking and talking of a joining a club for years, but never actually got around to it. Today I […]


So in order to NOT fail on another century I wanted to increase my mileage and the amount I can climb in a single ride. With the rides up to Mt. Baldy increasing my mileage and climbing to 70 plus miles and 8 thousand plus feet I felt ready for the Conejo century with more […]

Gonna Try

I am going to try to start regularly updating this blog once again. We’ll see what happens. My last post was my failure to finish the Tour de Foothills in November of last year. Since then I have seriously upped my cycling and have not only started 2 centuries since then, but finished them both! […]


My first failed century

I rode the Tour de Foothills this past Saturday. I thought I was prepared, I had ridden over 70 miles 2-3 weeks ago. I rode from home to Clear Creek stationĀ and felt great the Saturday before and a 15 mile mountain bike ride at altitude that Sunday again feeling strong. I took Monday off and […]