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Day off? What day off?

Today was President’s Day and for the first time I can remember it was actually a work-mandated holiday. There were 2 problems with that though: 1. We are working a HUGE project that is scheduled to go out next week so for the last 3 weeks or so I have worked at least a few […]

Tour de Palm Springs

Today I started out with the intention of riding the 55 mile version of the Tour de Palm Springs. The weekend started OK, I got out of the office at a reasonable time on Friday, loaded up the car and got Beag to the vet for boarding and was on my to Palm Springs before […]

Tuesday was like the new year

After Tuesday’s inaugural festivities and the speech by President Obama it feels more like the new year than it did 3 weeks ago. The feeling of starting anew. I shocked myself by actually listening all the way through Obama’s acceptance speech 3 times plus all the clips on NPR. I usually have little patience for […]

Wow! That just killed an exciting game

There was a huge open field hit that sucked the life right out of the Baltimore vs Pittsburgh game in Pittsburgh. I don’t remember a game losing steam like this since Jiri Fischer ‘died’ on the bench in a Red Wings game I watching. Fortunately Jiri was lucky enough to not only have a doctor […]

OK, I think I get it

Microsoft has been trying some advertising to counter the Apple ads recently. The whole Seinfeld and Bill Gates thing was so out there I was flabbergasted. Jerry Seinfeld is talented and Bill Gates is the devil, but even I have to admit he can be very entertaining. But the 2 ads I saw made NO […]

Dog sitting

This weekend I took care of 3 dogs. Mine, the landlord/neighbors and a dog park friend’s dog Milo. I have a small house, but the dogs got along so well that it wasn’t an issue at all. Milo was a little suspicious at first since Beag recently was NOT nice to him at the dog […]


Even though it’s been a few days now, it’s worth writing about. Tuesday we had the biggest earthquake I have been through. It was first reported as a 5.6 and then dropped down to 5.4. Previously the largest quake I had been through was 4.5 which was many years ago and managed to wake me […]

What’s wrong with changing your mind?

There has been a lot of accusations, back and forth about Obama or McCain “flip-flopping.” To me there is flip-flopping and changing your mind. For instance, if you thought the Iraq war was correct when all we had was the info the Bush Administration gave us and then decided it was wrong when the truth […]

The continuing mountain bike wheel saga

OK, so I called my bike shop on Friday hoping against hope that maybe my wheel had come in so I could ride my mountain bike this past weekend. I was right, no wheel yet, but they assured me they would call Mavic on Monday. So just a while ago they called and the roller […]

It should be obvious

It should be obvious, but apparently it is not. Of course since so many people think that evolution is still just a theory it seems to follow that there would continue to be an argument for racism. Genetics and DNA have proved beyond what should be any doubt that all people are 99.99% the same. […]