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Not so much when it happened but after. After I got to the office and when I got home that night. Oh and the next day, but mostly that night. Riding my bike onto the office on Monday morning I was cruising along Fountain Ave. up to the light at Normandie. The cars were in […]

Awesome heartbreak

I am posting this for 2 reasons: Reason #1: This is an awesome photograph. It tells the story in a way, as a former photojournalist, we always strive. Poignant, strong and with all the elements. A short caption can fill in the few missing pieces. Reason #2: As a bicyclist this story MUST be broadcast, […]


Today was one of those days that if I didn’t have 2 border collies that make me get out of the house I probably wouldn’t have. I wish I didn’t feel guilty about not doing anything, but I do even when I probably shouldn’t. The weather was outstanding today and I basically wasted it in […]

One of the great things about my new job

. . . Is that I again get to commute by bicycle. The distance is right at 11.5 miles one-way and mostly downhill into the office which means an easier ride in which leads less sweat, etc. I rode a couple for a couple of days each week until a week ago. That week I […]


After nearly a year of commuting to Brentwood for work I have accepted a new opportunity much closer to home. After I realized how much the drive, particularly the ride home, was taking out of me as well as the all the change and turn over at the office I polished up the resume a […]

Bike commuting days 3, 4, and 5a

After taking a week off to heal my back I felt well enough to try riding in again on Tuesday. I made it in 38+ minutes and home in about an hour. I even felt pretty good when I got there. No where as wiped out as the first couple of tries. On Wednesday I […]