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So in order to NOT fail on another century I wanted to increase my mileage and the amount I can climb in a single ride. With the rides up to Mt. Baldy increasing my mileage and climbing to 70 plus miles and 8 thousand plus feet I felt ready for the Conejo century with more […]

Gonna Try

I am going to try to start regularly updating this blog once again. We’ll see what happens. My last post was my failure to finish the Tour de Foothills in November of last year. Since then I have seriously upped my cycling and have not only started 2 centuries since then, but finished them both! […]

A day in hell . . .

Tuan and I went for a ride yesterday with a couple of Tuan’s co-workers. We met up at 8 AM, here near the Nike missile site. It was already pretty warm, but not oppressively so. Rick and Ron were already there and ready to go. Ron is a bike patrol rider, off-duty today, but he […]

I must be nuts

I went for what was supposed to be a basic road bike ride yesterday morning. I had vague notions to ride to a friend’s house, but didn’t really think I was serious. Normally riding to a friend’s place is not a big deal, but this house is in Rancho Cucamonga. Oh, and I live in […]

Saturday ride with Stan

This was Stan’s first trip to Chantry Flat. We got a late start but the shade on the trail helped tremendously. More later.

Bike commuting day 1, the ride home

Ouch! I thought I was doing OK as I headed home until I hit Figueroa. Hill Street was not bad at all as I flew through Chinatown up over the LA River. While the traffic around Avenue 26 was messy at the intersection of Pasadena and Ave. 26, I felt fine. Even the first section […]

Brown Mountain

Beag was with on this ride. So there were more stops and for longer times. She did great!

What do you know, I can get up on a holiday

I woke up at 5, was on the road before 7 and back in my car at 9. That last half mile was still damn hot! I love this ride. Plenty to work on, technical sections, a ton of singletrack. I also need to investigate the trail all the way up to Mt. Wilson.

Saturday September 24, 2005

Cloudy, cool, perfect!

Monday September 12, 2005

About 48:30 again!