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Like a little kid

I had to go to a real-live movie studio to pick up my office credential. Not just any studio of which there are plenty around here, but one that lives in the heart of any kid no matter how old you are. I am fairly jaded about this kind of stuff most of the time, […]


If you remember one of the funnier lines from The Jerk, Steve Martin comes out for his apartment yelling “I AM SOMEBODY, I AM SOMEBODY.” It was delighted that his name was in the phone book . . . Well now Beag is somebody because she is officially Miss January in the K9Addison’s 2010 Calendar. […]


Thursday, 6:15AM November 26th, 2009 also Thanksgiving. A day in the US where many celebrate with food and family. That probably should be family and food. While my mom and dad are now gone and I have never been close to my brother and sister who are on the other side of the country anyway, […]


After nearly a year of commuting to Brentwood for work I have accepted a new opportunity much closer to home. After I realized how much the drive, particularly the ride home, was taking out of me as well as the all the change and turn over at the office I polished up the resume a […]

New member of the house

With the health of Beag up and down I felt myself riding a similar wave and I knew I didn’t want that to continue and had feelers out to Terry for a dog to add to the household that I could herd with. After making sure the landlord was cool with it and a little […]

Tuesday was like the new year

After Tuesday’s inaugural festivities and the speech by President Obama it feels more like the new year than it did 3 weeks ago. The feeling of starting anew. I shocked myself by actually listening all the way through Obama’s acceptance speech 3 times plus all the clips on NPR. I usually have little patience for […]

Highland Game border collie trial adventure

After arriving at the park at about 8:30AM I had no trouble getting in, parking or finding the area for the trial. Everything was close together and easily accessible. I was about an hour early and did what I could and tried to figure out what was expected of me. I fastened Beag nearby and […]

Coyote not ugly

Yesterday morning before work Beag and I had an interesting encounter with a coyote pup. I’m pretty sure it was a pup and not an adult based on it’s size and behaviour. As I was throwing the frisbee out to Beag a shadow darted across the field perpendicular to Beag’s route, Of course she darted […]

One of my new toys

One of my new toys is a new Garmin GPS unit for my bike. I had been using the eTrex color unit, but it wasn’t really meant for cycling. The Edge series didn’t come out until after I bought the eTrex and the first Edge units (205 and 305) didn’t support maps which was a […]

Some amazing stories & writing

I am a bit of an avid RSS reader of all kinds of things. I get a majority of my news, sports and various other types of information from the internet this way. I use Google Reader to aggregate my feeds. I say all this to illustrate how I came upon a couple of blogs […]