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Stories, info and adventures with my 2 border collies, Beag and Blazin’ Scotty


If you remember one of the funnier lines from The Jerk, Steve Martin comes out for his apartment yelling “I AM SOMEBODY, I AM SOMEBODY.” It was delighted that his name was in the phone book . . . Well now Beag is somebody because she is officially Miss January in the K9Addison’s 2010 Calendar. […]


Thursday, 6:15AM November 26th, 2009 also Thanksgiving. A day in the US where many celebrate with food and family. That probably should be family and food. While my mom and dad are now gone and I have never been close to my brother and sister who are on the other side of the country anyway, […]

In case you are looking for me

Scot got snipped and chipped today. He also got his teeth cleaned and a full battery of shots so it will be a few days before we can show up at the dog park. He is doing well but is a bit out of it as you might imagine. The vet says 3-5 days before […]

New member of the house

With the health of Beag up and down I felt myself riding a similar wave and I knew I didn’t want that to continue and had feelers out to Terry for a dog to add to the household that I could herd with. After making sure the landlord was cool with it and a little […]

Not been writing

Not really sure why. Partially not having much to say, so about spending too much time on twitter and some trying to spend time with Beag and trying to ride more. None are much of a real reason. Since it’s been awhile this post will be a mish-mash of stuff on me. Beag had another […]

Dog sitting

This weekend I took care of 3 dogs. Mine, the landlord/neighbors and a dog park friend’s dog Milo. I have a small house, but the dogs got along so well that it wasn’t an issue at all. Milo was a little suspicious at first since Beag recently was NOT nice to him at the dog […]

Best thing about the dog park isn’t always the dogs

Beag has gotten to the point now that I don’t think she cares about going or not. She wants exercise and she wants attention and all that, but if she doesn’t come up on a very few dogs she plays with, all she does is sit near me and will occasionally give a pup or […]

Coyote?, round 4

Our friend, what I believed to be a coyote, showed up again this morning. This time I tried to get a better look. While I think it still could be a coyote I am think now that it might be a red fox. It is smaller than most coyotes I’ve seen which is why I […]

Highland Game border collie trial adventure

After arriving at the park at about 8:30AM I had no trouble getting in, parking or finding the area for the trial. Everything was close together and easily accessible. I was about an hour early and did what I could and tried to figure out what was expected of me. I fastened Beag nearby and […]

Coyote Round 3

Our friend showed up again this morning. It stayed a little further back but when Beag spotted it she just wanted to watch. At one point they were lying down about 30-40 feet apart just watching each other. While this was rather fascinating I did have to go to work. I ran across this site […]