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Stories, info and adventures with my 2 border collies, Beag and Blazin’ Scotty

Coyote Round 2

Beag and I were out again this morning for our early morning exercise and just a couple of minutes into our sessions the coyote was there wanting to engage Beag. But Beag just wanted to keep a watch on it. Since Beag is a ‘sheepdog’ and coyotes like sheep as food I wonder about any […]

Coyote not ugly

Yesterday morning before work Beag and I had an interesting encounter with a coyote pup. I’m pretty sure it was a pup and not an adult based on it’s size and behaviour. As I was throwing the frisbee out to Beag a shadow darted across the field perpendicular to Beag’s route, Of course she darted […]

What an incredible experience!

This morning was Beag’s second lesson with the ‘new’ herding coach. Wow! What an experience. Today after a couple of over-the-top runs that were bad because of me and not so much Beag something incredible happened. Beag got it. She found that incredible thing that Border Collies do so well. She found that cool balance […]

What a slug!

I have been an absolute slug today. I have even been able to get around walking Beag since she managed to come down with kennel cough this weekend. The vet told me to keep her warm, dry and quiet. When you add the rough weather in California this weekend which has totally SOAKED my bedroom […]


I have gotten to a point in recent years that I find new year’s resolutions as trite and silly. I think new year’s is a time to re-evaluate just about anything and everything about your life. But to make a resolution you will almost certainly forget about in a few weeks at most is just […]

bikeguy? A compendium of updates and notes

I do still consider myself a bike guy even though the spaces on my web site have been more about dogs and photos of dogs than anything else lately. I am riding, but not nearly as often as I should or much as I should, but I do have a 14 month-old, high energy dog […]

Beag is becoming all border collie

She still has an amazing ability be still, but that boundless energy for which borders are renown is starting to show up in spades. I need a another cliche. She can focus for very long periods of time and can be very patient in when she is ‘working.’ Such as when I am tossing a […]

Treats don’t work

Well today I took Beag to the park again for some frisbee time. As I mentioned yesterday I took some treats to entice her to bring the frisbee all the way back to me. No luck. She is too focused on the frisbee and going after it. No interest in the treats at all. The […]

This is SOO annoying and I wanna fix it

I love my dog, really. She has been doing great in agility and pretty good in herding. She is slowly improving with her inclination to terrorize puppies and insecure dogs at the dog park. My favorite thing to do with her outside the herding and agility both of which require we be someplace with sheep […]

A little disappointed

I took Beag out for her second shot at herding. She was not good. Much too aggressive and not listening to the handler/teacher. She was a bit better with me, but not much. Parts of it were on the entertaining side. A couple of time she was so intent at snapping at the sheep’s heels […]