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The fit . . .

I am a firm believer in bike fit. If you ride often and or long, an hour or more, then you should REALLY get fitted to your bike. If you are buying a bike make sure you get the right frame size, but that is only a small part of bike fit. After you have […]

If it’s not one thing, it’s another . . .

I’ve now gone on three rides in a row without a flat! (knock, knock on wood) It must have beent the defective tire causing the punctures. And now moving on to the latest issue. A few months ago I noticed some extra ‘pain in the ass’ on rides. After some investigation and some ‘Googling’ I […]

I need to write this but it hurts still

I know that thinking and typing this out will help, but it’s difficult. I was laid off again. This is the 2nd time in 2 years and the 3rd time I’ve left a job in 3 years. My switch to GOOD was voluntary, but I understand had I not left I would have been laid […]

Awesome heartbreak

I am posting this for 2 reasons: Reason #1: This is an awesome photograph. It tells the story in a way, as a former photojournalist, we always strive. Poignant, strong and with all the elements. A short caption can fill in the few missing pieces. Reason #2: As a bicyclist this story MUST be broadcast, […]

What’s wrong with changing your mind?

There has been a lot of accusations, back and forth about Obama or McCain “flip-flopping.” To me there is flip-flopping and changing your mind. For instance, if you thought the Iraq war was correct when all we had was the info the Bush Administration gave us and then decided it was wrong when the truth […]

It should be obvious

It should be obvious, but apparently it is not. Of course since so many people think that evolution is still just a theory it seems to follow that there would continue to be an argument for racism. Genetics and DNA have proved beyond what should be any doubt that all people are 99.99% the same. […]

The wheel shopping adventure that wasn’t

When I talked to the guy at Incycle about my rear wheel on Saturday afternoon he basically said I’d have to replace my wheel and since it was a set, I decided I would buy both and keep it matched. Damn this was going to be expensive. Once I decided what I was going to […]

I so agree with this post

There is blog I subscribe to called “Mad as Hell Club” and this post certainly fits the bill. Sice I got my new car a few months ago my driving style has mellowed considerably. For one the ride is so much more comfortable plus I’d really rather not get hit or hit anyone else in […]

I’ve been thinking about reinstating the draft

This is something I have been thinking about since all the talk about recruiting problems, manpower issue and brain-drain from the military. Should the US consider reinstating compulsory military service. I have talked about it with friends a little, but now I feel it’s something I want to drop into the limited blogosphere that I […]

The death of newspapers

We’ve all known it was coming. After the explosion of the internet in the late 1990s you had to be deluding yourself that newspapers as we’ve known them for the last 300 years would continue as they have. The newsroom that added positions was very rare and not rare was the elimination of newsroom jobs. […]