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Seems like the only thing I write about here any more are biking disasters. I need to change that. But in the meantime here’s another . . .
Saturday I made my normal run up Brown Mountain. Last weekend I rode El Prieto with a friend from work and was surprised how much this trail had been tamed over the summer. I don’t like to ride very technical trails on my own in case I crash But I felt that threshold had been passed sometime in the summer so this day I decided to come down El Prieto instead of back down the fire road. Beside I need to polish my skills before I tackle Tsali in North Carolina in a few weeks.
So after making it through about three quarters of the way down the trail, I’m cruising over a mildly rocky area and I feel a pinch in my leg.
What was that!?! Then another in my back! I stop.
Then again, and again.
Damn . . .
Bees!!!!! By now I know that sitting still is a BAD idea. I’m too amped and shaky to ride, so I grab my bike and RUN!!!.
Swating at myself for a good hundred yards before it appears I’m no longer getting stung.
Now please keep in mind I have yet to SEE anything. I didn’t see a bee, hornet or wasp. I did notice flying insects, but I was also in the middle of the forest. I’d be more freaked out if I DIDN’T see any bugs.
After I got home and could take stock of where I got stung the total count was eight. Three on the right of my back, two square on my ass, left cheek. two on the back of of my left thigh, one on my left arm and one on the front of my right thigh.
The only one that hurt past the event itself was the last one. And it hurt like a mother until the next day.
And then . . .
The other seven started itching like MAD!!
It’s now two days later and most are just bumps now, but the three on my back still itch so bad, it’s all I can do to not scratch at them like a monkey every two or three minutes.
Claritin seems to help and cortizone creme, not so much.
The real good news? At least I’m not allergic. I wasn’t really sure because I don’t really remember getting stung like this before.
I sure wish I knew what I did to piss whatever it was off. I’d make a real point NOT to do it again!

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