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Religious quandry

As I was trolling through my RSS feed headlines I ran across a very interesting story in my Scientific American feed. The headline was “Darwin at the Zoo.” It was a review of a book that asks the question: “Did morality evolve?”
What a great question, but as I was reading it I had a better one.
We are in the middle of a crisis in our country, which after this last election, I hope is turning in another direction. With the election of George Dubya in 2000 our country has been besieged with aggressive, convinced evangelists from the Christian Right. Telling Americans that THEY know how the world should be. While I believe that Faith is great and has it’s place, it’s NOT in government and my party has been overrun with the ‘Faithful’ pushing a Christian agenda on the rest of the country.
Two of the Republican Faithful’s priorities has been abortion and evolution. I have a friend that believes evolution is bunk and a few more who believe in “intelligent design.”
Both of these ideas are totally faith-based ideas and have no place in a public school other than to point to as ideas opposing the science of evolution. The last few years of the government imposing the Christian Right’s beliefs, has been driving me nuts.
So . . . Back to my question. It’s this: “How would evangelists deal with the question; “Did morals evolve?”
Unfortunately I know the answer. I mean if they can’t accept evolution with all the scientific backing it now has, how in the world would they possibly accept that the morals they so vocally uphold are from an ape?
Just wondering . . .

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