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Meet Beag!

While nothing has been seen here recently, it is not because I haven’t been writing. I have although it should probably be more than I have. It’s just that what I have been writing is not something I’m ready to share. Mostly depressing, which is what I’ve been more often than not in the last several weeks.
But now there is a young, vibrant, somewhat youthfully insane life to make see the joys. Her name is “Beag.” Pronounced BECK.
She is a twelve-week-old border collie. I picked her up from the wilds of Temecula on Wednesday evening the 29th of November. The 90+ mile drive included hurricane force Santa Ana winds and all kinds of adventure. But we made it home and in one piece.
I found her name on this site Border Collie Museum It’s a Scots Gaelic name meaning “small” prounced BEK; also a goddess of magic, education and knowledge.
Considering she has this odd habit of appearing and disappearing at will, seemingly by “magic,” it makes her name more and more appropriate.

Beag Beag

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