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Très Bizzare

The Red Wings are in a battle for the division lead with the Nashville Predators and I have DirecTV’s Center Ice so I was hunting around to see if the Preds were playing. Sure enough I found it, but the sound was off.
The language was wrong, but it was a commercial so I wasn’t really worried about. Then the broadcast started and it was still wrong, but I noticed the team the Preds were playing was the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal, in Quebec. They speak french there and I had the french broadcast. Très bizzare!
Fortunately the Canadiens won, unfortunately they won in the shootout which means the Preds got a point which ties them with the Wings for first. The good news is that the Predators have also played one more game than the Wings.
The funniest part has that Peter Forsberg who just got traded to Nashville had the final shot. If he had scored the round would have gone on, but instead he lost an edge on the ice and fell before he could shoot the puck. Pretty funny or better yet, très bizzare!

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