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I think they should bring back the draft

I know, I know. I don’t have any kids and I’m too old to get caught myself, so I don’t have anything invested if they do bring back the draft. But hear me out. My reasons are probably different from what you are thinking.
First and foremost I am worried about the lack of civic participation in this wonderful country. Nobody seems to vote, people complain about jury duty and there are VERY few decent candidates for any elected local, state or national officials anymore.
I won’t get into a discussion about our national leaders at this time including what I believe is the worst executive branch since I have been alive and that includes Nixon. Then you have the Republicans of present and the Democrats of just a few years ago. And you can see that we are not getting the best participation in the democracy.
I believe we could go a long way in helping with problem by restoring the draft, maybe even go so far as to make service mandatory. Only this time women would be included. People of any sexual preference would be included. Many, if not most, countries have either a draft or mandatory participation in the services. Israel comes to mind as good example.
If we go so far as to make it mandatory there should be alternatives to the army such as National Guard and some type of non-military service such as the Peace Corps. There should also be some type of organization(s) that includes service at the local municipal or state levels.
Much of my view in this is informed by Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. In this pulp science fiction book military service is not mandatory but only people that have served have the right to vote. Much of my civic interest comes from my years as a journalist.
I think that once you have to stand up and represent your country and also can see how much of the world lives in non-democratic countries the you have a much stronger feeling of why you should participate in your government.
As a photojournalist I saw the workings of government up close. This was particularly true of local government. While many times they are a pain in the ass, gadflies serve a good purpose. They tend to pick up the stuff that news media feel are not worth the trouble as well help keep politicians on their toes.
I think many of the ills of the U.S. lies in the fact that there is such a small percentage of people actually participating in the elections and government in general. The only people involved are the people on the fringes. The overactive religious right and super liberal left. The majority opinions are rarely expressed in elections because they can’t be bothered to vote and otherwise participate.
Those are the main reasons, but while I have no desire or need to denigrate the present state of folks in the military (other than being exhausted) I think it would also raise the readiness and quality of the armed services as well.
Anybody think I’m on the right track?

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