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These shows bite the DVR dust

I just don’t have the time or inclination to watch as much TV as I would like and this is even with skipping commercials. So after at least of couple of episodes the following shows are no longer on the DVR for weekly viewing:
The Dead Zone
I had the whole season recorded and yet to watch 1 this year. If after 10 weeks or so I have yet to watch it – that means it was awful low on the priority list. I need the space . . so it’s gone.
Without A Trace
Same thing here. 4 episodes in and i have yet to watch – see ya!
I skipped parts in the first episode and there are too many shows that hold more interest for me. Outta here!
This one never even made it onto the DVR. It conflicted with shows already being recorded.
Still in the hunt but not “in”
Back to You
Funny and only a half hour. But not engrossing.
Bionic Woman
Still very borderline. Not uninteresting enough that I’ve given up. Yet.
More later . . .

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