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Only in LA

I woke Friday morning to a pounding in my head. Fortunately for me it wasn’t this pounding, but the sound of helicopters. Since this is LA and I live about a mile from a freeway I just figured there was some mishap on the 134.
But the sounds persisted and the volume and intensity increased. Finally after drifting in and out of sleep with this going on it dawned on me that something odd was up. So I rolled out of bed and stuck my head out the door and looked south where all the racket was coming from.
What a surreal sight it was. I probably should have taken a photograph, but I didn’t think of it at the time. Looking up I saw 5 or 6 helicopters and a couple of fixed-wing aircraft all above a spot a couple of blocks south of where I am.
The helicopters were mostly hovering and not circling indicating to me that it wasn’t a car chase, but something else. So I go back inside figuring that something that has every news service in Los Angeles here would be dominating the TV.
But no! Nothing! So I go back out to make sure it what it seems. And it is. So I rotate through the local channels until finally I find what all the excitement is about. If I had checked 10-15 minutes earlier I’m certain every channel would have shown what was going on. But in the intervening time the relative news worthiness had declined significantly.
There was a house fire that started quickly and was knocked down rapidly by the fire department. So the reason I couldn’t figure out what was up right away was the LA fire department kicked ass and got it under control so fast. In my area that is crucial since the houses are right on top of each other. As it was, when one house caught fire it managed to get 2 others before the fire department got it under control. By the end of the day 2 people were unaccounted for and another, an 84 year-old man, was found dead.

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