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Surreal LA experience

I live in northeast Los Angeles. This makes seeing personalities a very unlikely event. This is part of what made yesterday afternoon’s experience so surreal.
I was walking Beag in my local park, just a couple of blocks from my house, as I passed this couple walking in the other direction. As they passed I realized he looked REAL familiar. When he saw me double-take, he understood and turned around, stuck out his hand and said something like, “Hi, I’m Colin.” All in a very enthusiastic and friendly manner. About all I could come with was “I love your show.”
Now I understand that Eureka is on a semi-obscure cable channel (scifi channel) and that as far as famous goes he’s not Tom Hanks or Brad Pitt, but I doubt either of them would feel very comfortable walking around in a city park.
But I love this show. It’s one I buy every year on iTunes and watch over and over. And Colin Ferguson is the lead character. So I was rather awe-struck and somewhat speechless as I met him in my park.
It turns out he is a neighbor. One of the things I do remember from our conversation was that he just bought a house in the neighborhood. I’m pretty sure I welcomed him and his girlfriend, who he introduced and I’m sorry to say I don’t remember her name. Now, part of what is running through my head is that I do not want to make too big a deal of him and not acting like a foolish fan.
This is now his park as well and I can’t imagine he wants to be overwhelmed with fans and I’ve always felt that I live in one of 2 cities where actors are fairly common and they deserve to be treated as regular folks and not fawned over. So here I am somewhat star-struck and not wanting to come off as an obnoxious fan but trying to be nice and welcoming, etc. Not wanting to take up his time in the park. So I tried to keep it short.
So as I moved on after letting them continue their walk, and I had time to process what went on I realize I must have bordered on rude while trying not to be.
After the encounter I was jazzed the rest of the day and into today as I think about the encounter again. I told a few people yesterday and today and not one of them watches the show so my excitement has yet to be totally understood. Oh well.
But I have to say that I don’t think he could have made a better impression on me. It would be nice if everyone was like that, because I couldn’t be more impressed.
I must say I am hoping I run into him again soon, so I can make a better impression myself. Assuming, of course, that he doesn’t think I am now stalking him . . .

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