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Locals should NOT miss the Tour

That would be the Tour of California.
After only a couple of years this has turned into the premier bike race in the country. Most of the world’s top pros and all the top US pro riders show up for this 8 day stage race. This year the race ends in my back yard with 6 circuits around the Rose Bowl after climbing over the San Gabriels from Santa Clarita. As of today I am planning to drive up the Angeles Crest Highway to the Angeles Forest Highway, backwards on the route to someplace (I hope) before the summit of the day’s ride also the highest point in the race.
Then if it works out I’ll follow after the race and try to get to the Rose Bowl before the finish. I will not be surprised if I don’t make it, but one can hope. Otherwise I’ll just get there when I do and check out the aftermath. Since I really have no idea what the crowd on the mountain will be like I’ll need to be early and hang out until the riders come by. I know they will close the road at least an hour or 2 before the riders come by. According to the web site they should start from Santa Clarita at noon and hit the summit around 1:30PM. So I’m guessing I need be there before 9AM or so.
If you are not interested in that kind of effort I recommend you head to the Rose Bowl in time enough to get settled before 3PM. There will be multiple opportunities to see the riders here since there will be 6 laps before the end. The overall winner will probably be known before the end the stage winner will still need to be determined so the last couple of laps at least should be a wild and wooly sprint.
If you have any interest in cycling you should go and show support for one of the very few top pro races in America. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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