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One of my new toys

One of my new toys is a new Garmin GPS unit for my bike. I had been using the eTrex color unit, but it wasn’t really meant for cycling. The Edge series didn’t come out until after I bought the eTrex and the first Edge units (205 and 305) didn’t support maps which was a big part of the reason I wanted the unit in the first place.
When a friend recently offered to buy the eTrex and Garmin announced the Edge 605 and 705 units I jumped at it when I got a demo at the Tour of California bike race at the Rose Bowl.
I finally got it this past Friday and used it for the first time on Saturday. This is one nice tool. It has everything you want and more. I removed my bike ‘computer’ which kept time, speed and distance. It has elevation and other things, but recorded none of it. With the Edge I have all that info plus mapping and it records it all in one unit. It’s a lot smaller in size and weight than the eTrex and does a much better job of display information so you can see it at a glance as you need to while you are riding.
I have been a member at almost since they started it. They have been purchased by Garmin and they are gradually merging Motionbased with Garmin Connect so both sites are really working on making great training tool and resource.
These work by uploading data from the GPS unit to the web site(s) and then you have the ability to analyze and view the data in all kinds of useful and cool ways including ‘racing’ or running against yourself. Ride the same trail or route twice or more and then you can compare the data to map out your progress.
All this makes riding for a geek like me more fun and thus helps motivate me for more rides.
At least that’s the theory and I’m sticking to it!

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