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I’ve been thinking about reinstating the draft

This is something I have been thinking about since all the talk about recruiting problems, manpower issue and brain-drain from the military. Should the US consider reinstating compulsory military service. I have talked about it with friends a little, but now I feel it’s something I want to drop into the limited blogosphere that I command. This was triggered by a post from Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams. I recently added his blog to my reading list and today he has a post about patriotism and the draft that I feel is quite thoughtful and I recommend it for reading.
His blog has been very enjoyable for several reasons, but the way he provokes thought by his posts like this one on patriotism is the best reason to add it to your daily reading list.
But on to the draft. I was as happy as anyone when the draft was abolished shortly before I would have had to register. By the time the government required registration again, I was too old to be required to register for the a draft card. I have no children and am no longer in any danger of getting drafted myself so I recognize that any real passion attached to this issue is nonexistent for me. I also recognize that if I was up for the draft or had a son or daughter that could be drug into the war in Iraq I would probably be against the draft. With that all said though I think it is time to consider starting it up again.
Hopefully the American people will have the sense to NOT elect somebody like George W. and Dickless Chaney to get us into stupid situations like the one in Iraq. While I am for starting conversations on reinstating the draft it should not be to support dumbass decisions about conflict. I did believe the war in Afghanistan was correct, but not Iraq. I also believe that if we hadn’t started the mess in Iraq the situation in Afghanistan would have received better attention and not be the mess that it is now in.
No I think the conversation on the draft should be about the readiness and quality of our armed forces. Presently the services, particularly the army keep lowering standards to keep the numbers up by allowing people with questionable criminal records and worrisome mental and health issues. Never a good idea. I also believe that service in the military and/or civil service for a period of not less than 2 years should be required for every person over the age of 18. Men and women both. I think in the long run it would benefit the country in discipline and participation in government, service and politics. I think it would get more and better people running for office or participating in government by giving young people an understanding what the consequences are from electing bad leaders or leaders with agendas that put the country into untenable situations.
In other words, patriotism in the wider sense. To me it would make Scott Adams’ discuss more than an exercise, but a real consideration.

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