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You can tell you are bored when . . .

The most interesting thing to do is watch a bunch of people on NASA TV wait for a Mars lander to send a signal, hopefully, that it’s landed. The picture is basically a bunch of people in front of computer monitors with an occasional computer simulation of the landing.
It’s rather odd to think that everything they ‘hear’ from Phoenix has already happened. 15 minutes and 20 seconds previously. Strangely though, it is compelling enough not to see if something else is on. I suspect that much of that is because I recently went to JPL’s open house. As you would expect all the employees were excited about the impending landing.
Parachute deployed and everyone is cheering. Still waiting on retro firing and landing . .
Keeping in mind that all the info is 15+ minutes ago it has already landed.
But we don’t know how HARD!
I want to see some live pictures now. I hope that’s on the agenda. It is sending at 8Gb a second so that should be plenty.

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