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Coyote not ugly

Yesterday morning before work Beag and I had an interesting encounter with a coyote pup. I’m pretty sure it was a pup and not an adult based on it’s size and behaviour.
As I was throwing the frisbee out to Beag a shadow darted across the field perpendicular to Beag’s route, Of course she darted behind the coyote and chased. Fortunately she came when I called her and broke off her pursuit. The coyote went a few yards and stopped. Then sat down and watched for awhile.
At some point in the process Beag didn’t get the frisbee and the coyote went over and picked up hoping, I think, that Beag would chanse again. She didn’t and the coyote dropped the frisbee.
I was a fun start to the day with a beautiful encounter with a wild animal.

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