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The wheel shopping adventure that wasn’t

When I talked to the guy at Incycle about my rear wheel on Saturday afternoon he basically said I’d have to replace my wheel and since it was a set, I decided I would buy both and keep it matched. Damn this was going to be expensive.
Once I decided what I was going to do it started to get something like fun. Who doesn’t have fun research cool stuff? I knew I was going to get something at least equal to what I have now and that is Mavic CrossMax. They were just about the best at the time (1999) and so I needed at least that good or better. I had decided I didn’t want something so proprietary as Mavic. Anytime anything was wrong they inevitably had to be shipped to France. It had happened when the rim blew out back in 2004. And if I wanted to get it repaired this time I suspected the same would need to be done.
In the meantime I am checking everyplace I can figure out to gather info on the best choices for wheels. I emailed everyone I know who rides to see if they had an opinion. I spent time on searching through hundreds of reviews to see what others liked and disliked. I searched the bike shop online stores for ideas. I tried Google searches. Anything I could think of.
I finally had it down to a few ideas like Dave’s Speed Dream custom wheels. These were, by far, the highest rated on The thought of having totally customized wheels for ME and the ride was appealing. Since they are custom any repair should be straightforward and stay in the country.
So with the info in hand (or head) I called Incycle on Tuesday afternoon to see what they would recommend. After getting switched around a little and a check on my ticket, they told me they had ordered a part and it should be fine.
Huh? I don’t need to replace the wheel?
“Not unless you want to. We have ordered the part”
Well I guess that solves that problem. And I’m not out $600 plus. But I also don’t get to buy anything new. Oh well probably better since it almost certainly would have to go on a credit card.
I post a report when I get it back with any interesting details.

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