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Coyote?, round 4

Our friend, what I believed to be a coyote, showed up again this morning. This time I tried to get a better look. While I think it still could be a coyote I am think now that it might be a red fox.
It is smaller than most coyotes I’ve seen which is why I was thinking it was probably a pup. But as I watched it today it seemed more mature in it’s movements so I began to suspect it was not a coyote. So when I got in the office and cleared my outstanding issues I started a search on foxes in Southern California. I found some info a the grey fox, but it seems to be too small to have been our ‘friend.’ I did learn something cool here. The grey fox is the only canine that can climb trees.
The choice of a fox in our area is only 2, the grey and the red. The red is not a native, but seems to have originally brought here for fox hunting. It is the one that seems to have thrived in urban and suburban areas is the red fox. It is dexterous enough to open trash cans and is great at catching all kinds of rodents. The size of the red fox seems a little small for what we have been seeing in the morning, but certainly is closer than what a coyote would be.
I would love to get a photo, but it disappears if there is enough light to get a decent photo.
More as I figure it out.

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