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Best thing about the dog park isn’t always the dogs

Beag has gotten to the point now that I don’t think she cares about going or not. She wants exercise and she wants attention and all that, but if she doesn’t come up on a very few dogs she plays with, all she does is sit near me and will occasionally give a pup or over-rambunctious dog a hard time. In order for her to get any exercise at the park I have to walk.
Not that this is a bad thing, but we can walk anywhere and certainly closer to home where it doesn’t take gas to get there. But here’s the thing, I like the dog park. I have made friends there. I have folks that wonder if I’m OK if I don’t show up for a few days. There are people I worry about if I don’t see them for awhile. It’s a great thing for someone who lives alone to have a few people that worry about you.
It has turned into the one place I know I can find people with likes and dislikes similar to my own. There is something about the dog owner that goes to the trouble to visit the dog park on a regular basis. It also a place I don’t seem to have any problems talking to complete strangers which is something new for me.
There is also the increasingly off chance that Beag will find someone she will play with. Those are the best days, she burns off a lot of energy and I get to visit with friends, old and new.

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