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It should be obvious

It should be obvious, but apparently it is not.
Of course since so many people think that evolution is still just a theory it seems to follow that there would continue to be an argument for racism. Genetics and DNA have proved beyond what should be any doubt that all people are 99.99% the same. I ran across an article on the “Ten Commandments of Race and Genetics.”
The first 4 are the ones that really strike home for me.
1. All races are created equal (sorry but, well, DUH!)
2. An Argentinian and an Australian are more likely to have differences in their DNA than two Argentinians
3. A person’s history isn’t written only in his or her genes
4: Members of the same race may have different underlying genetics
Those 4 ideas (read facts) encapsulate why race issues are dumb. We are the same. Culture and how we are raised makes much more impact on what we are than genetics. I think that the only way race makes a difference is when one race treats others as different.
In other words if white folks treated black or hispanics the same as other whites then the differences in how each race got on would disappear into cultural differences only. But if people can persist in believing that “God” told me to behave this way and I can ignore science and obvious fact and stay blind to the real world, it just makes racism and inequality that much easier to justify.
Damn, please get grip!

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