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The continuing mountain bike wheel saga

OK, so I called my bike shop on Friday hoping against hope that maybe my wheel had come in so I could ride my mountain bike this past weekend. I was right, no wheel yet, but they assured me they would call Mavic on Monday.
So just a while ago they called and the roller coaster has come full circle. Yes, they can fix the wheel, but age gas taken hold of the rim and it is degenerating. The wheelset is almost 10 years old and has literally thousands of miles on them. So they can fix it, but they do not recommend it. And to fix it would cost almost as much as replacing BOTH wheels. Plus I am still dealing with wheels that are aging.
So needless to say I am replacing the wheels. When I bought these wheels, it was a relatively new technology, high quality disc wheels and there where basically 2 choices; the CrossMax and the CrossTrail (I think it was Crosstrail) in any case a “cheaper” model. Now there are a good half-dozen or more choices. Anything from $1200 or so all they way down to something like $299-$399 for 2 wheels.
I asked about tubeless wheels and apparently all the Mavic wheelsets are now tubeless but are designed to work either with or without tubeless tires. Hey, that one less decision. After talking with Sam (bike shop guy) he felt pretty strongly that the race version (SL) wasn’t worth the extra $300 or so more and that the ST would be better for the type of riding around here. I asked about other brands, but he was pretty adamant that Mavic was the best except maybe for Campy, but that Campy’s are overpriced. So there you are. They have them in stock so I hope to have my bike the afternoon.
I better DAMN well ride a lot after this expense. Hell the amount of money I am spending on repairing this bike is way more than MOST people would spend on a whole, new bike.

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