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What’s wrong with changing your mind?

There has been a lot of accusations, back and forth about Obama or McCain “flip-flopping.” To me there is flip-flopping and changing your mind.
For instance, if you thought the Iraq war was correct when all we had was the info the Bush Administration gave us and then decided it was wrong when the truth came out then that is NOT a flip-flip but an intelligent change of perspective. I don’t want a leader who can’t change course when the information changes.
I have been a fan of McCain for many years. I loved his maverick moves away from the idiots that have been running the Republican Party since 1992. But now that he has finally won the nomination I do not like how he has been kissing the ASSes of the far-right. I also don’t like the way he is attacking Obama.
The thing I like about Obama is how he has energized the young people of this country. The young people that have been so ambivalent and not connected are now excited about politics. If a candidate like Obama is what it takes, then I am inclined to support him just for the change factor. If he is a consensus builder so much the better.
I also believe that experience with various issues like foreign policy and the economy are not that important. It is much more important to LISTEN. To surround yourself with good and open-minded advisors. I think this is where Bush has REALLY blown it. He has made up his mind and then surrounds himself with people that ONLY reinforce his own, narrow-minded ideas. Iraq and Gitmo are excellent examples of this thinking. Surrounding himself with people like Chaney, Karl Rove and idiots like Alberto R. Gonzales. If he could have kept more people like Colin Powell and, I think, Condy Rice our country would be in better shape.
So please think twice when any candidate is criticized for flip-flopping. Find out WHY they changed their minds, NOT just for the fact they did.

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