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Dog sitting

This weekend I took care of 3 dogs. Mine, the landlord/neighbors and a dog park friend’s dog Milo. I have a small house, but the dogs got along so well that it wasn’t an issue at all. Milo was a little suspicious at first since Beag recently was NOT nice to him at the dog park. But that was balanced with his reaction to the neighbor’s dog Diesel. Those two took well to each other right away, playing and having fun. As the evening cooled they all played to together and wore each other out to the point that I didn’t need a trip to the dog park. They came in and slept the night.
I think the funniest that happened was when they were ‘sharing’ a NylaBone. Diesel was chewing on it and as soon as he left it alone for any length of time Beag would take it and chew it for awhile until she either got bored with it or turned away. As soon as that Milo was there to take up the effort. Back and forth in no particular order. Diesel, the eldest of the three, was first to give it up and go away. Beag and Milo kept this up for at least an hour, maybe even longer. It was all very civilized. Each waiting until the other was done before jumping to take the bone.
Anyone with a dog that has it around other dogs will know that no toy is as interesting as the one another dog is enjoying. Not too different that humans I guess. We always seem to want what others have.

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