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Day off? What day off?

Today was President’s Day and for the first time I can remember it was actually a work-mandated holiday.
There were 2 problems with that though:
1. We are working a HUGE project that is scheduled to go out next week so for the last 3 weeks or so I have worked at least a few hours almost everyday and since I was out on Saturday for the Tour de Palm Springs I had some bugs to quash today.
2. The weather oh so truly sucked.
So you can look at this a couple of ways. If I had to work on a holiday at least the weather sucked so I wasn’t all the bummed about working. But it was still working on a holiday.
I was also able to watch the Tour of California and enjoy all the ways to get info from Versus, to the tour tracker to twitter updates
Plus a nap at around 1PM was kinda nice too.
But you still can’t call it a day off . . .

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