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Not been writing

Not really sure why. Partially not having much to say, so about spending too much time on twitter and some trying to spend time with Beag and trying to ride more.

None are much of a real reason. Since it’s been awhile this post will be a mish-mash of stuff on me.

Beag had another health scare, and had to spend a night at the vet. Pancreatitis. Geez. Another $700 and a new type of food. With this latest scare I think I realize Beag will probably not live to ‘old age’ and I considering, again, a second dog. My herding instructor has a great dog she wants to place, but I am not sure about spending the money she wants for him. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is worth every penny she is asking and he would probably be a good fit, but I am still recovering from paying taxes. If she still hasn’t placed him by the second week of May, I’ll inquire further.

Since Beag has switched food and ‘recovered’ from pancreatitis her energy and mood is as good as it’s ever been. It doesn’t last long and she tires easier than in the past, but if she is healthy I can live with that. She had an electrolyte test on Friday and her sodium level was a little low. Not really sure what that means yet, but the vet is supposed to call on Monday to let me know.

I miss the dog park and the people there. I treasured the time there, but it is impossible. Beag can’t handle it. After some thinking and observing it appears to be fear/insecurity that causes her to be agressive toward other dogs. She is fine with well balanced dogs, but any dog that ‘gets in her face’ she goes after. Attack isn’t quite the right word, but it’s close. In any case, with all that, neither of us have fun at the dog park anymore. So it’s now frisbee at the local park.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit odd for me emotionally. ¬†I have been anxious and uptight. I have been making stupid mistakes at work that have put me on edge. I have been having moments of the feeling of impending doom. I think some of it is some insecurity at work all compounded by the economy.¬†Getting out on the bike helps, but not totally. Beag’s condition no doubt contributes as well.

I have cranked up the miles I am riding. Mostly road mile on the Cervelo, but after a mountain bike ride this morning I clearly need to up the mtb miles as well.

More soon. I promise.


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