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New member of the house

With the health of Beag up and down I felt myself riding a similar wave and I knew I didn’t want that to continue and had feelers out to Terry for a dog to add to the household that I could herd with.

After making sure the landlord was cool with it and a little luck, my herding instructor decided to place one of her 3 year-old border collies. She was/is even cool enough to let us try each other out before committing to the purchase.

The new guy

The new guy

He has now been with us a month and things couldn’t be better. Beag has accepted him and his presence has had a remarkable affect on both of us. I am getting out much more because of him. We do one or two laps around the park in the morning, I am back at the dog park in the afternoons and I am herding again. What a joy.

Beag’s health seems to have improved and mine, both physical and mental have also improved dramatically. I believe much of that has to be because of the increase activities as well as the work involved with an extra presence.

He is continuing to learn how to be pet as well as a working dog. He can be surprising in so many unexpected ways. He seems to LOVE chasing and ‘getting’ soccer-sized balls. He loves to make BIG flanks around Beag in the mornings when she is catching frisbee.

Oh, and he likes to lick stuff. All kinds of stuff, no really ALL kinds of stuff. I’m really glad he isn’t into licking me. Whew! I am certain I’ll have more stories to tell. Stay tuned here and over at my urbanherder blog.

-the bikeguy

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