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After nearly a year of commuting to Brentwood for work I have accepted a new opportunity much closer to home. After I realized how much the drive, particularly the ride home, was taking out of me as well as the all the change and turn over at the office I polished up the resume a little and made it available on monster and

This was on a Tuesday and the following two Thursdays I had phone interviews as well as many, many recruiter contacts. The next two Mondays I had in-person interviews and a great offer.

Once again I will be excited about the content I am working with. I am stoked to be around journalism as well. The company is smaller than what I have worked for in a long while, but the mission is noble and the atmosphere relaxed and upbeat.

I will be able to commute by bike again! The sad/great part is that the commute will be about the same amount of time, except I will have had exercised for 45 minutes when finished. How cool is that?

Oh! And I get a Mac!!

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