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Thursday, 6:15AM November 26th, 2009 also Thanksgiving. A day in the US where many celebrate with food and family. That probably should be family and food. While my mom and dad are now gone and I have never been close to my brother and sister who are on the other side of the country anyway, my family hasn’t been TV traditional at any point.

In many way the last 12 months have been one of real transition. In March I turned 50. This past September I was astute enough to leave a job on my own where I was unhappy and ahead of getting laid off I managed to not only find a job in a crappy economy, but one with good money, fabulous benefits, great people, a positive mission. Oh and I love the work and can even ride my bike to work. So there is thankful #1 thru #3.

#1: great job, etc

#2: crappy commute is updated to much better and the opportunity to ride my bike and thereby get healthier

#3 Hey, I’m still here, mostly healthy at 50.

Something over a year ago my border collie Beag was diagnosed with Canine Addison’s Disease. We have battled thru survival, pancreatitis, ups and downs related to getting medications correct. #4 is me being extremely thankful for a healthy and, finally, happy Beag.

After all the ups and downs with Beag and the feeling that I could lose her at almost any moment I made the decision to add another member to the ‘family.’ I am thankful at #5 for a very good fit into the house and a fabulous herding buddy with Scot. Thankful #6 is that Beag and Scot get along have bonded as a pack and are not tearing up the house.

I’m calling this one #6.5: I am thankful for all the ribbons and fun Scot and I won at the Rotty Trial this weekend.

#7: I thankful for the friends I have in the world whether they be in my personal dog or herding world or work and business world, for the friends in the Twitterverse.

#8 and very thankful for the friend that invited me into his family for the Thanksgiving dinner that always seems to make the giving of thanks complete.

Happy Thanksgiving from the


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