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K9 Addisons Calendar with Beag

K9 Addisons Calendar with Beag

If you remember one of the funnier lines from The Jerk, Steve Martin comes out for his apartment yelling “I AM SOMEBODY, I AM SOMEBODY.” It was delighted that his name was in the phone book . . .

Well now Beag is somebody because she is officially Miss January in the K9Addison’s 2010 Calendar. All the proceeds go to research into K9 Addisions Disease. Beag was diagnosed with Addison’s almost 2 years ago. After a lot of ups and downs now seems to have stabilized and is once again happy and healthy, but will always require medicine and quarterly electrolyte tests to make sure she stays that way.

If you are so inclined and need a calendar, please consider buying the K9Addison’s 2010 Calendar. Miss January is SO worth it!


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