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I accepted a job on Thursday afternoon.

It was the most odd and amazing job hunt I’ve ever been on. It started pretty much like all the recent job hunts, except maybe a few more recruiter inquiries. Looking back, maybe a LOT more recruiter calls.

My first in-person was all of three miles from my house and I really wanted that gig. But when it ended after less than an hour I knew it was a bust. I thought it went well, but I knew it was not a good sign it was so short. It took a couple of days, but I was right. Didn’t have quite the skillset they wanted, but it was a real disappointment. I mean it would have been such an awesome commute. Probably not the most fun gig, but I would put up with a lot for a commute that short.

Then came a big brand name site which shall go nameless. I wasn’t sure about this one on many levels. I thought the interview went well in the same way the first one did, but it also ended way sooner than I expected. So I kinda wrote it off as another disappointment. This commute was not ideal, but certainly not as bad as Brentwood, which is what I had less than a year ago. The neighborhood was Awesome, but not easy to get to and from.

Now came a series of recruiter in-person interviews. These are odd to go through. It’s kinda of an interview in hopes of getting interviews. They aren’t as stressful as employer interviews, but you still need to be positive and push out all the right ‘signals.’

A couple more phone interviews and recruiter interviews followed by a call from known-brand recruiter number one asking if I would consider contract-to-hire instead of direct hire. They were concerned about my skill in javascript. Fair enough. I said yes I would consider.

Moving on . . .

A fun phone interview from well known brand number two. Fun, as in I enjoyed it a lot. Fun, as in I’d like to work for this person. He said he would set up an in-person soonest. Excellent!

Then a series of in-persons with employers. This is an improvement. One a startup and another a large company I hadn’t heard of before. Both were fun with great people, but I wasn’t excited about the commutes. At this point in my search though, I was no longer putting commute time at the same importance it was a week earlier.

Then . . .

A second interview with the large company. Wow, this one was much tougher than the day before. That one was fun, with other FE devs and product folks. This one with Application devs, was much more technical and moved into areas where I am not as sure. Oh this one also included the hiring manager. I will say though that I did enjoy it after a fashion. They were good questions from people that weren’t interested in the right answers as much as they wanted to know how I thought and worked through problems. They asked questions in a way that encouraged me to think. I liked it a lot and also believed I would like working with that team.

I came out of the 2nd one fairly confident but with no idea who else they talked to. It had to be a good sign I was there two days in row.

Then on Monday things got interesting. In the morning large company called with an offer, in the afternoon brand number one gave me an offer. I told both I had a scheduled interview on Wednesday and I would let them know by end of business on Thursday, my decision.

This was good. It gave me time to weigh all the options. Commute time, salary, type of contract, etc. It also gave me time to poll friends and family to help me think it all through. And in the meantime I could go to brand name number two confident I would have a job someplace in the next week or so. That had to help.

I really enjoyed the process in this place. They actually had a room set up for interviews and they brought people in to me. I liked the people and they asked good questions and I had been through it so many times by now I had answers with a lot more polish than even a week before.

When it was over I was happy with how it went but I also knew this company rarely moved quickly so I was ready when the HR person told me it might be as much as a week before I heard anything. So I had resolved to go ahead take one of the 2 already offered gigs and make a decision on this place if they actually came back with an offer after I started. That would certainly be awkward, but I guess I never really thought it would be an issue.

So Thursday comes around and I call one recruiter and tell him I would take it and another I would pass, then I get a call from the last company with an offer and BAM! Now I’m really scrambling. Last company came in under offer I was taking so I waited to see if they would match. In the meantime the one I passed on called with a sweeter offer. ARGH!

So long story short I got the position at the company I was most interested in and with the best commute and I am very happy.

A couple of things I learned about myself. I really dislike letting people down. It bothered me immensely  to turn down any of the offers, especially the one I had actually told I would take and then reneged on. But really I hated disappointing any of them. While intellectually I loved getting three offers, emotionally not so much. Was I making the right decision? Did I burn any bridges? Did I handle everything properly? Did I, did I? Sheesh.

Wish me luck.


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