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OK, I give up

My weight has gone up and down, mostly up, for about 10-15 years now. About 3 years ago my BMI finally tipped into me being technically ‘obese.’ The doctor has told me to lose weight, which I have, but my diet has never been what any nutritionist would call good. Consequently I have gone from overweight to obese and back again. Fortunately when I do dip into obese, it’s not by much. So mostly I have concentrated on how much I eat and how much I exercise instead of what I eat.

One other health issue I have had has been occasionally getting lightheaded with shortness of breath. This usually happens when I ride, but no more than once every couple of months, if that. Every once in awhile it can happen just reaching down to pick up the frisbee to throw for the dogs. I have talked to the doctor about it and on a recent physical had a bunch of extra blood and other tests as well as all the regular tests, with no realizations outside the fact that my bad cholesterol is through the roof. So now I’m on statins with word from the doc to lay off the fat.

But Sunday I had another ‘episode.’ I was fine until about 3 and a half hours into a ride that was anything but strenuous. Mostly just cruising with friends on the cicLAvia route. When I finally broke off from riding with friends so I could scope out the part of the route I had yet to see, I started to push, but not much. About 2 miles or so from this point I started to get lightheaded, then pedaling started to be an effort. Then seeing started to get difficult. Also the back of my neck and shoulders started to hurt. I think it felt mostly like you might feel if you were overly stressed with tension. Only I wasn’t tense, or hadn’t been up to this point.

Needless to say, I pulled over and stopped. I rested awhile and ate some Sport Beans. Soon I felt much better, so I hopped back on my bike and started riding again. Not hard, not pushing. But it wasn’t a mile later and I felt even worse, so pulled over and had a GU and rested some more. But I wanted to finish the route and I still had to get home. So I started again, but in an even shorter time I was feeling even worse. And now I was getting scared that I was in trouble.

This time I stopped and called a friend to please come get me, I was in trouble and needed help getting home. Here comes the good part and where I think I have some answers. I think he had a good idea what was wrong and even brought a fairly nasty tasting drink to help. It also seemed he was nearly certain what it was when he finally saw me in the flesh. Apparently this is something he had dealt with in the past.

Hypoglycemia is the medical term for a state produced by a lower than normal level of blood glucose. This is a common issue for diabetics, but I am not diabetic and don’t even have much of a history of it in my family. After several hours of research and a bit of well-meant preaching from my friend I realize that at least 2 things I must change ASAP. I need to lose weight, but even more importantly I need to change what I eat. My diet HAS to be balanced and I need to seriously cut out fat and add a ton (for me) of fruits and veggies.


No, really it won’t. I have had a lifetime to build out my eating habits. I didn’t have good examples from my parents on eating. My mom, in particular, had a really crappy diet and my willpower really sucks when it comes to my diet. So losing the sugar, the sodas, the pizza, doughnuts and junk food in general will be very hard for me. But this is probably the best motivation for me. Eat well, ride well and the side effect? Less weight.


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