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Ojai Valley Century

It was good and, at the end it was HOT!. Fortunately though it was only the last 10 miles or so that really sucked the energy out of you on the final climb of the day. The rest of the ride was cool enough for me to keep my arm warmers on until the inland run into Santa Paula.

Overall it was the best I have ever ridden this ride. I finished in the shortest amount of ‘ride time’ at 6 hours 12 minutes beating my previous best time of 6:40 the first time I rode this in 2010. Total time was also best by 20 minutes including the extra time I spent at the rest stops looking for my co-worker friends also riding the Metric Century.

This was the hardest ride either of these guys had ridden and I am extremely excited that they both finished the ride.

According to Strava I had ‘Personal Records’ on the Casitas Pass and the final climb to Ojai. On the first climb, I definitely felt stronger than ever not even using my highest gear. The final climb probably could have been faster if it hadn’t been so hot. I was afraid of overdoing it as I could really feel the sun affecting me.

Overall, a great ride!


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