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If it’s not one thing, it’s another . . .

I’ve now gone on three rides in a row without a flat! (knock, knock on wood) It must have beent the defective tire causing the punctures. And now moving on to the latest issue.

A few months ago I noticed some extra ‘pain in the ass’ on rides. After some investigation and some ‘Googling’ I realized I needed a new saddle. So off to the LBS, Incycle. I had heard a lot about Fi’zi:k saddles and interestingly the only saddle you test before you buy was the fi’zi:k. So I tried both the channeled version and the ‘regular’ without the channel. I finally settled on the Kurve. I LOVE it!

Or I did until yesterday.

As I was climbing I noticed a pain in the ass that was unusual. Not the normal pain in the lower back and not a pain from getting used to a saddle or not riding enough. I didn’t really think of it at the time, but when I made the top I noticed a discoloration of the edge of one side of the saddle. When I put stress on it, it was extra spongy. The other side wasn’t as flexible. It was more normal looking and feeling.

So when I had a little time to do some ‘Googling’ again I found that several others have had the same issues. So tonight I’ll dig up the receipt and head over to the LBS for a replacement. I really do like the saddle and would like to keep it, but if it fails again I’ll change to something else.

More on this continuing saga later . . .

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