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Stoked for a ride

It’s funny how excited I can still get for an organized ride. I am riding the Tour de Big Bear tomorrow and I have been getting increasingly excited about it for over a week. I when I try to think of it objectively it seems a bit silly. I am going to be suffering, pushing myself hard over 70-100 miles.

I originally signed up for the 70 mile ride, but I really want to try to ride the century. They had such a strong warning against choosing the 100 mile option I wimped out and chose the 70. Since the route overlaps, I think, I am planning on making the decision at the 70 mile turn-around point. If I get there early enough and feel good enough I plan on going for the full distance. This will be the second of three rides I planned on an overnight stay ahead of the ride with the others being the Tour of Palm Springs and the upcoming Levi’s Gran Fondo in October.

The plan is to drive up at lunchtime and get settled and acclimated to the altitude as best I can ahead of the ride in the morning. There is also a semi-planned ride in the evening around the lake to acclimate. There is also the vendor show to wander around for. It should be a nice, relaxing evening, especially since the hotel where I am staying is right near the ‘action.’

Will post how it goes when I get back.

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