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Ventura Marathon Century

This ride was a study in contrasts. It started cold, the middle was HOT and finished wonderfully cool.
This was a companion ride to the Ventura Marathon was the day before and started at the Ventura pier wound it’s way inland to Ojai, Santa Paula, looped around Moorpark and back to Ventura and beach.

At the start it was 55° working it’s way up as I headed inland towards Ojai. By the time I hit Ojai it was about 70°. On the way from Ojai to Santa Paula I repeated the route from the Ojai ride, but in the opposite direction. I can say it’s WAY easier going to Santa Paula on CA150 than it is going to Ojai. I think this would be true even if I was only 25 miles in versus the 85 miles in on the Ojai ride.

By the time I was in Santa Paula the temp had climbed to 86° and continued to rise. After leaving Santa Paula I headed east out into the valley and toward Moorpark and on the way found a rather unpleasant climb. Grimes Canyon. Granted it probably would have been a lot more pleasant if the temperature was a tad less than the 104° recorded on my Garmin at the time. By the time a cleared the top of the canyon and headed down I could celebrate the fact that the two biggest climbs of the ride were now both behind me. There was a welcome rest stop at the bottom of the descent of Grimes followed by a loop around Moorpark and back to the same rest stop location.

The bonus on the second stop here was the ICE COLD water! What an amazing change in the taste of water when it’s over 100° and you are spending way too much time in the direct sun. From here it was time to head back to the coast and cooler temperatures. Somehow I had it in my head that it should be mostly downhill on the way back, but the sun must have been scrambling my brains because the best I can call it is ‘rolling’ back to the coast. The temp did slowly get cooler until about 10 miles from the end when the breeze turned seriously cool.

What amazing relief that was. Then it was fighting a little traffic, then the wind back to the start and my car.

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