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Part one of three of the Tour de Foothills and GMR Challenge

Saturday was the first of two 72 mile “pre-rides” ahead of the Tour de Foothills century in November.

I went into this ride somewhat apprehensive as I was unable to finish this ride last November. The GMR climb did me in and I finished dead-last on the timing part of the ride. I abandoned at the top. Fortunately this time I not only made it to the top and beyond I did the timed portion of the climb in a tiny bit over an hour. Which put me in the bottom half of the male riders. As I am basically still 20+ pounds over an ideal weight I am not at all disappointed.

However this ride wasn’t without drama. I have been having an intermittent issue with a racing heart rate. I got hit with this on the descent down East Fork and after about 3 hours ride time. Fortunately my heart rate settled into normal range after about a 15 minute rest and off I went fine until about 6-7 miles left in the ride, where my heart rate spiked again.

I rested for what felt to be a long time, with little relief and continued with a high heart rate and finished. Off the doctor to see what’s up . . .

More to come.

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